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Módulos de potencia

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Características Eléctricas: 250A/1600V/2U

Marca: No identificado

Venta de Refacciones Industriales SCR , Módulos de Potencia , Diodos Rectificadores y más.


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  • Dual SCR Isolated MODULE
  • Features
  • Electrically Isolated Heatsinking
  • Aluminum Nitride Isolator
  • Compression Bonded Elements
  • Metal Baseplate
  • Low Thermal Impedance for improved
  • Current Capability
  • Quick Connect Gate Terminal with Provision
  • for Keyed Mating Plug
  • UL Recognized
  • Applications
  • Bridge Circuits
  • AC & DC Motor Drives
  • Battery Supplies
  • Power Supplies
  • Large IGBT Circuit Front Ends


No identificado

Características electricas: 250A/1600V/2U

Powerex Standard SCR Power Modules, ND Series

Type : Power Module 250A 1600V Dual-SCR Less Terminal Hardware or Aux Gate Leads
It (avg) 250 Amps
It (RMS) 393 Amps
Vrrm 1600 Volts
Circuit SCR Doubler w/aux Cathode
Height (mm) Nominal 52 MilliMeters
Width (mm) Nominal 51 MilliMeters
Depth (mm) Nominal 115 MilliMeters
Igt 150 MilliAmps
di/dt (Amps/MicroSec.) 800
dV/dt (Volts/MicroSec.) 500
Aux. Cathode(s) Yes
Mounting Centers 80/38.1 MilliMeters
Approvals ULR
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