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SCR - Thyristores

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Características Eléctricas: 50A/1200V/1U

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Venta de Refacciones Industriales SCR , Módulos de Potencia , Diodos Rectificadores y más.


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  • Features
  • High current rating
  • Excellent dynamic characteristics
  • dv/dt = 1000V/us option
  • Superior surge capabilities
  • Estándar package
  • Metric threads version available
  • Types up to 1600V DRM/ V RRM
  • Applications
  • Phase control in converters
  • Lighting circuits
  • Battery charges
  • Regulated power supplies and temperature
  • and speed control circuit
  • Can be supplied to meet stringent military,
  • aerospace and other high-reliability requirements


No identificado

Características electricas: 50A/1200V/1U

Vishay Phase Control SCRs, RIA Series

Type : SCR, TO-65, 1200V, 50A
Package Style TO-65
Vrrm (volts) 1200 Volts
Vdrm (volts) 1200 Volts
It (rms) Amps 80 Amps
It (avg) Amps 50 Amps
Itsm Amps 1490 Amps
di/dt (A/microseconds) 100
dv/dt (V/microseconds) 500
I2T@60Hz (A2Sec) 93000
Vtm (volts) 1.6 Volts
tq (microseconds) 110 MicroSeconds
Irrm Peak (mA) 15 MilliAmps
Idrm Peak (mA) 15 MilliAmps
Igt (mA) 250 MilliAmps
Vgt (volts) 3.5 Volts
Stud Size 1/4-28 UNF-2A
Junction Temp. -40~257 Degrees F
Mounting Force 30 lbf-inches
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