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Diodos Rectificadores

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Características Eléctricas: 16A/400V/1U


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  • Description
  • This range of fast recovery diodes is
  • designed for applications in DC power
  • supplies, inverters, converters, choppers,
  • ultrasonic systems and for use as free
  • wheel diodes
  • Features
  • Short reverse recovery time
  • Low stored charge
  • Wide current range
  • Excellent surge capabilities
  • Estándar JEDEC types
  • Stud cathode and stud anode versions
  • Types up to 1000V V RMS
  • Fully characterised reverse recovery
  • conditions



Características electricas: 16A/400V/1U

Vishay Fast Recovery Diodes, 6-12-16FLR Series

Type : DIODE, DO-4, 400V, 16A, FWD, 500nS
Package Type DO-203AA (DO-4)
Polarity Cathode Stud (Forward)
Vrrm (volts) 400 Volts
IF (rms) Amps 25 Amps
IF (avg) Amps 16 Amps
Ifsm Amps 190 Amps
I2T@60Hz (A2Sec) 210
I2T@50Hz (A2Sec) 230
Vfm (volts) 1.4 Volts
trr (nanoseconds) 500 NanoSeconds
Junction Temp. -85~302 Degrees F
Mounting Force 13 lbf-inches
Stud Size 10/32 UNF-2A
Lead Type Lug
Lead Length FMS (inches) 0.72 Inches
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